A Flag for the Future

As Kaye Lee has said at the top of her post, Australia’s National flag must represent Australia and its people, our independence, our past, present and future, the Land itself, our diversity and collective equality, our achievements, and our hopes and aspirations. The flag needs to be a rally-point, and be the instant identification of anyone who calls Australia their home.

The current flag, especially when there is nothing to fly it, and particularly when anyone uses it in the name of “patriotism” just shows the flag of Britain, and nothing of our own identity. This is the main reason, in my mind, for needing a change. The Union Jack in canton on Australia’s current flag defines our subjectivity to Britain, and as such needs to be removed.

Whilst any debate on the subject of a new flag may not be the most important debate right at the moment, but it might just focus our attention on our Country and its overall plight.

My thoughts :


Southern Cross on blue as per current flag.
Blue to represent the ocean that surrounds Australia.
Gold stripe to represent the sand of our beaches
Red stripe at bottom : The red soil of both our mountains and deserts.
Green : The unique flora of Australia.
Black stripe : our night sky.
Gold eleven pointed  star : the sun. Also a representation of the gold circle on the Indigenous flag
Eleven points. One point for every state, one each for the Indigenous Mainland and Island peoples,
and one for the other nationalities as a whole who complete our National Identity.
Eleven is also a prime number, as in we cannot be divided, or we all stand alone.
A kangaroo would be  a perfect symbol for Australia, but is not suited to a National flag. (In my humble opinion.)